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Chelsea's mom writes: Something that happened to Chelsea in the snow
last two boys were out sledding down our little hill. Mitch,
age 4 at the time, was using one of those blue roll up sleds. CJ, age 7
at the time, was using his plastic taboggan. Well, Chelsea wasn't allowed
to sled with them since she could get hit and hurt, and they are usually
totally out of control. I just didn't generally let them out together.
She skipped out before me and ran out buttucking around. I yelled to warn
the kids that she was there. They were all fine for a few minutes and
Chelsea calmed down, so I let her stay out with us. Well, Mitch took the
roll up sled and went down one run, Chelsea thought that looked like a
blast, so decided to steal his sled! CJ was trying to help Mitch get his
sled back as the buttucking, sled stealing, crazed lunatic dog runs about
wildly! If she was singing in her head, this is what she was singing
"neener, neener...neeeener!" So, the kids are running after her (wrong
move in the first place), I am yelling at the kids to stop chasing her,
Mitch is now in tears because he thinks she is wrecking his sled, and I
am offering her a cookie in exchange for her sled! When all of a sudden,
she plants herself, totally blinded by the blue roll up sled, right onto
the taboggan and somehow launches herself down the hill like a rocket! She
went almost all the way down, drops the roll up sled, rolls her body off the
taboggan, and walks away shaking her"I meant to do that!" I
laughed, and the kids laughed for an hour!!!! It was hysterical!

Chelsea has her own website too. Check it out: Chelsea

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